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Small Business Loans? Have you spotted a business opportunity in Nigeria that you like to exploit? In truth, the headache is how to start a business without money. To make matter worst, the internet is full of, if not awash with lots of never-working advice on how to finance ideas. Therefore, the purpose of this article isn’t to add to one of those fluffs. Of course, ardent readers of my articles know that I am a hands-on-the-tool kind of person. So, I would rather tell specifics and show you how to do it than tell unrealistic stories. In this article, I will show you how to finance your idea by drafting a simple 3-5 pages business plan that investors cannot resist.


The article is another freebie I have given to friends and it has worked so well for them. In the meantime, what I like you to do is copy it word for word, and tailor to your business. Then, with it approach the bank of industry for small business loans. Probably thank me later if your heart moves you towards gratitude otherwise, don’t worry.

Before going into the main biz, let inform you that the template am about to play for you has been played a couple of time. it has worked excellently well with the likes of the Nigerian Bank of Industry and Tony Elumelu Foundation and . The two ingredients that make up the small business template are:

  • Firstly, write a business plan
  • Secondly, contact the bank of industry or any other investor with the biz plan



Be brief, follow this template, and avoid detailed financial analysis. In fact, you are a starter for goodness sake. Consequently there is no detailed financial analysis needed from you.

Small Business Loans: Describe Your Biz

VAGMON INTEGRATED SERVICES is a customer services complex that integrates Services in one place as an innovation. Specifically, Our business concept is composed of 5 suits:

  • Travel and Tour Agent that provides: travel arrangements for clients. Creates travel itinerary, travel tickets booking and reservations. Does land transportation arrangements, special vacation tours, arrangement of travel insurances, visa assistance, etc.
  • Work-rent-station; this segment allows for rent of work space fitted with all modern appliances such as the internet system, stationery, etc.
  • Documentation unit; receives documentation jobs outsourced from other companies. such companies includes shipping company, banks, insurance, etc. We receive draft docs and prepares reports.
  • Computer business center; does computing businesses such as typing, printing, laminating, binding, researches, scanning etc.
  • Digital unit; does printing of passport photos, albums, etc.

Small Business Loans: Our Innovations

  • Our study reveals that most online travel businesses are afraid because clients now have access to everything online. However, as smart travel agency, we shall use our expertise in information to employ the services available in the online world. Such online tools as fan page on Facebook, twitter, etc., will be used to outsmart competitors.
  • We do travel agency as the main business. However, our incorporation of other services that are information technology based in one complex is our innovation. This keeps us in business all year round, even at periods when travelling is low.

Small Business loan: Describe Your Market

According to the statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics – NBS, a cumulative of 57,550193 passengers used the 22 Nigerian airports between the years 2010-2013. The information further indicates that the number of passengers handled by the airports attained a peak in 2011, with a staggering 14,899,958 passengers. The increase was 6.5% from 2010 to 2011. The NBBS shows that a total of 59,233 aircraft landed in all airports across the country in the 1st quarter of 2015.

The Federal Airports Authority – FAAN has also said that a minimum of 1,300,487 passengers passed through Nigerian Airports between September and December 2015. According to FAAN, the past 12years saw the traffic at airports increased from 4.4 million to 15 million per year. What a huge market to exploit! In this era of economic diversification, more persons are going into export and imports; we shall make good use of this great opportunity.

Small Business Loans: Who Are Your Customers And How Do You Plan Reach Them

Our specialty unit targets particular groups like the education niche. In our corporate services, we focus on corporate organisations. Our generic potential customers include: newlyweds who are on honeymoon, random travellers, vacationers, first time visitors, business men, government agencies, etc.

We shall reach these customers through:

  • Newspapers and magazines adverts
  • Highly optimized search engine of our blog website
  • Vendor registration with companies
  • Getting listed on business directories like the yellow pages
  • Personal selling and direct marketing
  • Events
  • Internet marketing
  • Radio jingles
  • Workshops and fliers

Small Business Loans: Top 4 Competitors

  1. Waka now travel agency
  2. Port Harcourt Documentation Centre Stadium Road Port Harcourt
  3. Willi’s Consult
  4. Business Centers in Port Harcourt

Small Business Loans: What Makes Your Products Or Services Better?

  • Our much use of and mastery of opportunities in the online world helps us so much. We focus on providing detailed travel itinerary and thus help clients make better informed travel decision.
  • The engagement of professionals shall translate into better customer services for us
  • Not all competitors offer online travel insurance, we already have a partnership in this regard that offers a discounted price.

Small Business Loans: What Skills Do You Have?

Our logistics manager is an IT guru, with a Master’s degree in Information Technology from a prestigious University in UK, Postgraduate Software Technology, and Bachelors Technology in Engineering. Has 6 years’ work experience as a documentation person with a logistic company.

Our operations Manager is a seasoned travel agent with over 15 years’ experience in travels and tour. He holds a BSc Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Diploma AITA UFTAA Foundation Courses.

Small Business Loans Risks and Mitigation Strategy

  • Identity theft: shall be managed by regularly adding features to our identity, passwords and user information
  • Technology failure: to be managed with backing up all files, use of verified anti-virus
  • Fire: we shall hang information online, and use genuine fire services products
  • Risk of recruiting right team: this is crucial because technology is our backbone. We shall solve this through regular training and updating of our team

Small Business Loans: How Much Financing Are You Looking?

N5, 000,000.00

  • Computers: laptops fax machines and desktops
  • More furniture and decoration
  • Advert /banners/public relations
  • Safe box
  • Air conditioners
  • Diesel generator
  • Running capital
  • Airport shuttle Bus
  • Internet services for two years
  • Stationaries
  • Telephone subscription
  • Television set and cable subscription
  • Water dispenser
  • Working capital
  • Miscellaneous
  • Water dispenser
  • Registration with Organizations: IATA, NSTA, NACTA, etc.
  • Furthermore, training

Small Business Loans: Projection in 5 Years

Our vision is to build a reputable, premium destination management agency that goes beyond just providing general travel services, but will make travellers have the best of adventures.

In 5 years, we see our business as fully transformed to a limited liability, registered with professional bodies like the International Air Travel Association – IATA, Nigeria Association of Commissioned Travel Agents – NACTA AND Nigeria Society of Travel Agents – NSTA. All these organizations and societies will maximize our visibility to potential clients and enhance our credibility as agent.



The bank of Industry supports small scale businesses.  Hence, you can use either of the following options to start your funding:

  • Firstly, Apply online at here
  • Likewise, contact a consultant here
  • Equally, visit the nearest Nigeria Bank of Industry Branch

In Conclusion:

If you have spotted business opportunity in Nigeria, go ahead and put it down in bullets 3 or 5 pages. Besides, do not be discouraged thinking how to start business without money in Nigeria. Finally, approach the bank of industry to finance your idea. Certainly, getting small business loans in Nigeria is not a tale.

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