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Business idea – Start business with no money? Digital technology is creating opportunities for people to live, work, and play better in Nigeria. Could you be among the makers, thinkers, and doers, who are disrupting the nation, harnessing its ever-increasing population, and creating new opportunities for progress? Have you been limited by the common notion that you do not have money or enough money to blaze a trail?

Do not worry again. The answer is here with you. In my article for e-commerce opportunity in Port Harcourt, I did promise that I was going to give a freebie to my ardent readers on how to start business with no money. Yes, I mean no money, no product of your own. Here is the fulfillment of that promise; keep reading and thank me later.


Have you asked why my article for e-commerce opportunity was focused in Port Harcourt and not Lagos, Abuja, or other cities or places in Nigeria? Well the same principle can be applied to any place so long there is internet network. However, Lagos like Abuja is full, if not over-saturated with such things. It is for the reason we have Jumia and Konga doing most of their deliveries in Lagos for free of charge, because Lagos is their physical headquarter. From our researches on the digital technology trend in Nigeria, we found that Port Harcourt is a field green and ripe for harvesting. We encourage you to take advantage of the city. Let us now go into how to start business with no money proper.

Notice in my articles that I am more practical than theoretical; that means that for example I will not define what online shop is but show you how to own one as quickly as you like to. Let me divide online shop ownership into two categories.

  • Opening your shop on existing and known website
  • Creating and managing your own website.


In this article, we are focusing on the first; opening a shop on an existing website. The reason is as I promised in my article for e-commerce opportunity in Port Harcourt; you want to own a shop for free. Free of what? Did I say free of charge before? Now add free of a lot of risks and associated management problems. Let me now delve into the step-by-step way you could exploit this business idea.

BUSINESS IDEA: Open an Online Shop on an Online Shopping Website

Tools and apparatus you need:

  • Internet services network
  • Smart phone or tablet or laptop
  • Where to get the commodity you want to sell; you do not need to own the commodity.
  • The existing online shop; this article takes a case study on Jumia and later articles on Konga.

Let me walk you through using the following pictorial illustrations:

Tap your cursor here, once open, click on “start selling now” button.


This will take you to the next page where you need to register your detail:


Tick to choose that your business is in Nigeria. If have a registered company, that is fine, but do not worry if you don’t have one. Once you have done ticked “yes” proceed with step 1 and register your detail:

The name you choose is very much important to how people perceive your online shop. So do not choose names like ‘Papa Emeka Boutique’ or ‘Aunty Ngozi Bookshop’


Under business entity, choose individual:

Move on to select what you want to sell; you should have researched your market to know what would move and who the target audience is:

Move on to select how many items you are able to display: this display is done by uploading pictures of the commodities you are selling.

How do you then get the items since you do not own a shop? Answer is simple; go to people’s shop and reach an agreement with them for supply. Agree that when you have an order, they will give such items and receive money in a week time. You could start by buying out the goods once an order is placed.

Submit your registration and move to step 2.

Click next to go to step 2.

Watch the videos, do the quiiz:


There 4 modules that you must watch videos and answer the questions correctly. Once done, go to step 3 and list your products. The way it works is that customers go to Jumia and place orders, Jumia send you and email and sms, you pick the products from the owner and send to nearest Jumia outlet, Jumia does the distribution and credits your account in a week time, and you take off your own money and pay your supplier. Jumia charges you some percentage for the workdone. Check to see interest rate against products by clicking on the link “Here” in red.


Once opened, you may need to promote your shop.


In summary:

This article, which I call an eye opener has shown how to start business with no money by exploiting business opportunity on an existing and well publicized online shop – Jumia in this case. There are lots of other online shops the world over that gives you e-commerce opportunity. In my next article I shall walk you through some others like Konga, etc. Remember to like our page on Facebook, fill in our contact card, so you will kept posted on e-commerce business idea that abounds.

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