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business plan templateBusiness plan template may vary according to the kind of business, but the essential elements remain the same. Are you a starter, perhaps, seeking to get attention of investors? Do you want to participate in the Toney Elumelu Foundation for Young African Entrepreneur? Or is your goal that of wining the attention of an industrial bank? If your answers to some or any of the above questions are yes, then this article is for you. The article is presented in a question and answer format adopted from the Tony Elumelu Foundation.


There is a lot of business plan template flying here and there in the internet world. The question is: how many of these is able to satisfy the simplicity that a beginner want? Most business plan template writers make the common mistake of adding a lot of fluffs to a starter’s template. Consequently, they end up missing what the essential elements are. As a beginner, who is looking to have just $5000 seed capital to start a small scale enterprise, you do not need detailed financial analysis. This will look as though you have been in the business for years.


BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: Tell us about yourself, personal bio and what led you to become an entrepreneur (200 words)

I am an entrepreneur desirous of changing the world around me through agriculture and nature. I have spotted opportunities in unconventional snail meat production, that would enable me contribute to the fight against food crisis, my country’s foreign earnings and the growth of local economy. To utilize this opportunity, I have acquired basic business skills and training form the university and the bank of industry sponsored programs. My goal therefore is to use the information and tools available to me to create job through full scale utilization of my trainings and the spotted opportunity to the benefit of humanity while making profit.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: Describe your skills for running the business (100 words)

  • I have had experience in farming while growing up with my parents in their farms.
  • Also, I have attended seminars on snail farming.
  • I have done personal research on new techniques on how to prevent pets and diseases from the farm.
  • Again, I have a 1st degree in information management and have had experience in management.
  • The manger comes with experience of 5 years in snail farming, with track record of managing funds and personal
  • Assistant manager has experience in animal farming techniques with operational management skills

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: Tell us something impressive you have personally built or achieved (100 words)

  • I won an award as one of 2500 persons to study entrepreneurship and related business management skills by the bank of industry out of more than 30,000 applicants.
  • I have engaged 5 youths in farming 10 plots of land for 3 years.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: In 50 words or less, describe your current business or idea

Aufbau farm is an agricultural business specialized in snail farming, with the goal of going into poultry birds and fish farms.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: In more detail, describe your product or service (200 words)

Aufbau farm is a snail farm that produces snail for local and international market. We have sported opportunity in the Curtain method of snail farming used by Touchstone in Cyprus. What especially interest us in this method is that the partnership is such that Touchstone buys all snail produced for further resale and processing. This means that we do not have to be worried about who to buy our product. Helix Aspersa Muller is internationally marketable edible snail specie, and this is what Touchstone specializes on.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: What is new, interesting or different about your product or service? (List 3 things)

Vanguard farm will introduce the Curtain method of snail farming into the Nigerian business. The innovative advantages that come with this technique includes:

  • Adequate sanitation facility that reduce livestock mortality thereby optimizing snail hygiene and consequently profit
  • This method of farming requires less space.
  • Introduction of formulated feeds for easy growth, other than conventional natural vegetation.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: What problem does your product or service solve? (50 words)

  • Mere 13-15% of global snail consumption comes from snail farms; the rest is through conventional snail harvesting from forest. Huge market exist for snail globally, and we certainly like to tap on unsatisfied desire of the people.
  • Snail farming helps species preservation.
  • Export creation
  • Diseases elimination

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: How big is the addressable market for your product or service? (50 words)

“The international snail consumption is hard to be precisely calculated largely because there’s a high percentage of self-consumption. Nonetheless, the global, commercialised production is estimated around 450,000-500,000 tons. A mere 13-15% of this production comes from snail farms; the rest is supplied through conventional snail harvesting.” huge market exist globally.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: How will you get revenue in your business? (50 words)

Touchstone buys all snail produced for further resale and processing. Consequently, this means that we do not have to be worried about who to buy our product. Helix Aspersa Muller is internationally marketable edible snail specie, and this is what Touchstone specialises on. Again we do sales on the local market.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: Explain how you intend to (or already do) market your products or services to your target market (50 words)?

  • Event planners: marketers and incentive to encourage referrals
  • Open-market/Online-market: Distribution network and marketers, optimised search engine of our website
  • Exporting Agencies: A Partnership agreement with mutual benefits
  • Purchase contract with Touchstone
  • Hotel/Restaurant/Fast-food; dedicated team of marketers would be assigned to build relationships with these clients.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: Who are your competitors/benchmark organisations? List your top 3.

  1. Ota farms Located in Ota
  2. Ojemai Farms: located in Edo state
  3. Jovanna Farms; Farms has branches in Lagos Ibadan, Abuja, Calabar Benin

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: What differentiates you from other existing businesses in your field? (50 words)

  • Our much use of and mastery of opportunities in the online world helps us establish and maintain a functional web site, which further helps us focus on providing detailed description of our products to participate in national and international markets.

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: What is your current milestone for business? (50 words)

  • Recruited a working team
  • Registered with CAC
  • Got management training

BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE: What is your next milestone for this business and how long will it take you to reach it? (50 words)

  • Get further training
  • Buy and install equipment
  • Start operation

What is the total amount of cash invested to date in this startup (in USD)?


+2349075526276 (CALL/WHATSAPP)
twitter: @vagmonint
WeChat ID: wxid_d75k5efr8hon22

How much revenue has your startup generated since inception (in USD)?


What is the projected break-even revenue for the business (in USD)?


What are your current monthly cash expenses (in USD)?


What is the projected break-even volume (quantity) for the business? (25 words)

When I sell 5000 snails

Describe what impact your business will have within your community, country for job creation, revenue generation or social development? (200 words)

  • We will train and engage youths in hos community
  • To become a tourist site for schools
  • We promote local economy through payment of tax to government
  • Participate in social functions and schemes by the government and the host communities.
  • The promoter of this business is a youth, this will have a positive impact on the youths, helping them to reduce job-seeking-mentality.

What are the top 3 challenges you face in operating or launching your business? (50 words)

  • Poor power supply
  • Seed capital to purchase equipment
  • NAFDAC registration license fees and regulation


Explain briefly what you hope to achieve from participating in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme? (200 words)

My goal is to produce and participate in snail business, as a contribution to global fight against food crisis and species extinction, and to contribute to the growth of local economy.

To be the number one producer and supplier of snail in Nigeria, and to participate in the international snail market within the 5th year of business.

So the TEF will help me gain additional business training and capital.


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