Clearing and forwarding companies and even importers themselves are left with the choice of choosing to sublet their documentation unit or to keep training and retaining documentation staff in their companies (with more cost implication), due to the evolving nature of the industry. Most of such companies surveyed would prefer to sublet this burden to a documentation company that bears the pain of working with partner agencies and governmental organisations like Nigerian Custom Services (NCS), NAFDAC, and CBN to provide needed reports for successful cargo clearance. Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd is a one stop complex that prepares, generate and obtain all shipping documents with relevant agencies. Our documentation services include but not limited to the following.

  • Logistic company registration and setup
  • Direct issuance of insurance certificates from our partner insurance companies
  • Regulatory Import Certificates and Licenses processing. Such documents include: Importation Permits, SON PC/SONCAP, NAFDAC, TI, coastwise transire or transit manifest, provisional bills, NIMASA documentation, DPR documentation
  • Form M application and generation
  • PAAR generation with partner banks
  • Direct Trade Input – DTI Cafe, Data capturing for SGD, Manifest monitoring, etc.
  • Clearing/Forwarding Database creation and management


Vagmon e-Grup& Logistics Ltd provides efficient Shipping Agency, Freight Forwarding and Logistic Services (including) in all Sea Ports in Nigeria. The company also provides the following services to support the operations of the Marine, Oil and Gas companies Handling vessels, Tugboats, Crew Boats, Supply Vessel,

  • Logistics labour supplier for rigs/platforms/shore material yards
  • Shipping services including agency, clearing & forwarding,
  • Temporary Importation services(TI) including movement of equipment & materials across West Africa, boarders at long & short notice
  • oil field material and equipment purchases and supplies
  • Trucking services within Nigeria & across West African boarders
  • Freight Forwarding Activities


    • Import and Export Customs Clearance in West-Africa
    • Innovation Airfreight solutions Import/Export to and from West-Africa
    • Ocean freight services, import/export; FCL, LCL, Break-bulk
    • Overall Project Management Services, managing of on/Offshore
    • Project Logistics from cradle to grave
    • World-wide Freight Forwarding Services
    • Air Chartering services
    • Integrated Supply Chain Programs through exclusive LLP’s
    • Container rentals


  1. Blogging

Blogging is an aspect of ICT that involves creating a website or webpage and adding information to it regularly. Since blogs are updated regularly, they have higher ranking on search engines than static websites. This is the more reason Vagmon Integrated Services, like some other entrepreneurs create blogs for businesses. We do more than create and manage blogs that rank high on major search engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, Ask.com, but also write contents.

  1. Social Media Integration

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. has increased the visibility of many businesses. Facebook for instance has about one billion users in the world. We use these social networks to increase the visibility of company services to users in Port Harcourt and other places. This we do by setting up a fan page with many followers and promoting products to targeted audience. We also create advertising campaigns and make products go viral on these social networks.

  1. Traffic Monetization

Many individuals and companies are making a lot of money from the traffic to their blogs. We help companies to monetize the traffic to their blogs and Facebook fan pages. This we do by partnering with companies like Google AdSense, eBay, Amazon and display their adverts for clients to interact with.

What is New, Interesting or Different about Our Product or Service?

  1. Our Logistics/documentation offers integrated services that make us a one stop shop where customers can have the entire services in one place. For instance the clearing agent can generate invoices, generate Form M, issue marine certificates, generate PAAR, do manifest monitoring, and data capture in our office. Rather than the traditional jumping from one place to another experienced in Onne and Apapa seaports.

We especially want to distinguish ourselves from competitors in the following areas:

  1. Engagement of professionals in all aspects of our business, which translates into excellent customer services.
  1. Using the online world to provide real time solutions to clients’ needs and feedbacks
  2. Open for business 7 days a week including Sundays when competitors are at the church or closed.