Who really is Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd? Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd is a company registered in Nigeria, with expertise in clearing and forwarding. The company has over 25 years experience in dealing with Customs and other governmental agencies to securing timely cargo clearance. Our existence predates our official incorporation in 2011. Before registering officially with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission, we had long operated as third party logistics handlers with other companies’ licenses.

As a customs clearance agent, we help clients to process importation documents and licenses. Our services have brought us to the limelight, dealing face-to-face and electronically with Governmental agencies on daily basis.


Cargo clearing and forwarding services come with varying challenges. Shipment of a particular item from China to Nigeria today may differ greatly with the same shipment next week. Import of an item from a location may not have the same requirement when the location changes. Importers approach Clearance Agents at different importation stages. Therefore, the same treatment cannot work in all situations. At Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics, we do not use the same ‘medicine’ to treat the same illness, and certainly not for different illnesses. Our services are tailored to suit clients’ lifestyle. First, we study the process through, and then tackle the hassles headlong.



Ask any regular importer or exporter issues considered to be of highest importance in the chain. You will see that proper documentation makes the top list. Due to the importance of good documentation in the value chain, we have cautiously trained our personnel to expertise height. We guide our clients from the preparation of proforma invoice to the writing of bill of lading, until the processing of PAAR document. In most cases, we take ownership of the entire documentation processes. Other clearing agents have had reasons to consult with us in the aspect of documentation. With Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics, your clearing documents and licenses are processed timeously.


We do not only do the job to suit your circumstances, we ensure the process is well communicated. How do we achieve this communication? Primarily, we breakdown the entire task into simpler tasks that are understandable. Hence, our clients are not lost in the middle of the process. Unlike most Agents, who fear that the importer might know everything in the process, we are not stingy with information. This is readily provable, comparing the level of information dished out on this platform. We answer questions to specifications as they arise. Our customer relationship managers are well informed to respect the rights of clients to know.


At Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics, we put the round peg in the round hole. Our team is made of individuals with the right technological knowledge to deliver the job. We are not like the man who is standing at some corner in the port, begging for jobs, where he is the company himself. No, we use an ICT technician for ICT job, an image-maker for image making job. Our staff includes retired Customs personnel, ex NAFDAC staff, etc. Additionally, no illiterate has a place in our company.


You do not need to meet with us to get your job done. The ‘contact us’ page of our website gives simple ways of reaching us. We read emails regularly, and pick calls immediately. In addition, we start your work without asking for initial deposits before commencement. All cases are treated on merit as they arise. Our digital system is an added advantage that positions us in the 21 century. Unlike analogue agents, who depend on everyday foot traffic, most clients contact us via our functional weblog.


Since inception, our company has grown from strength to strength. We began as specialist Documentation Company, but have since grown to a clearing and forwarding company of repute. Our clients have consistently given us more jobs. We do our jobs seamlessly, and would never come back to ask for extra funding from what is originally budgeted.


We see honesty as the single most important collateral in dealing with our clients. No hidden charges, no additional false claims. Candor and honesty has earned us a lot of repute. Our bank has loaned us with facilities without any other collateral besides honesty. We are financially responsible.


We render a transparently honest, reliable and digitalized customers-oriented and knowledge-based Customs Brokerage, which oversees documentation and shipping process, with the goal of equipping our clients to optimize process costs.


The factors to look out for when engaging the services of a Customs clearance Agent include reliability, consistency, and honesty. Other factors to look out for are technological expertise of the agency, its staff and how technically equipped. Furthermore, a good Customs clearance Agent is also good in documents handling. The company has a well-educated team ready to study and treat situations in particular. Not to be forgot is the honesty of the Agency. Hence, Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd is the Agency that gives you rest of mind if your goal is to import and export from Nigeria. Finally, contact us today and enjoy our services.

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