SONCAPSONCAP is an acronym for Standard Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program. SON Product Certificate is a prerequisite to obtaining SONCAP. Therefore, you must first of all obtain a SON Product Certification before seeking a SONCAP. Usually, the Product Certificate is used with some other documents to process Form M. Form M is an estimated but official declaration to government of Nigeria products to be imported. By regulation, all shipments to Nigeria must be preceded by Form M document.

For details of how to process and obtain Form M, see our post for: FORM M NIGERIA: HOW TO PROCESS AND OBTAIN IT.


The primary purpose of the SONCAP scheme is summarized thus:

  • Ensure that regulated products comply with the NIS or approved standards prior to export to Nigeria
  • Provide a level playing field in terms of quality for both regulated and locally manufactured products in order to prevent unfair competition
  • Prevent the dumping of substandard goods into the Nigeria market and as a result preventing economic loss to the importer and the nation at large
  • Impede loss of lives and property including foreign exchange bearing in mind that the exporting country/Exporter have been paid for the goods shipped into Nigeria
  • Forestall any adverse reaction (such as environmental pollution occasioned by destruction of substandard products) by regulatory Agencies on arrival of such goods in Nigeria
  • Facilitate trade through fast track clearance of goods at the ports
  • Encourage genuine investors and investments in Nigeria
  • Promote made in Nigeria products
  • Conserve foreign exchange


The following companies are approved by SON to issue SON Product Certificate/SONCAP:

  1. Bureau Veritas GSIT SAS (BV). Contact them here 
  2. China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC)
  3. Also, China Standard Inspection Company Limited (CSIC) – 
  4. Cotecna Inspection Limited SA
  5. Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS) SA
  6. Intertek

For details of SON PC/SONCAP processing, see our article for: SONCAP PRODUCT CERTIFICATE: SHIPPING TO NIGERIA


The commodities are not banned for SONCAP, but are treated as exhibits. Hence, importers seeking to import anyone of the goods listed must not expect it to be like regular commodities. The costs and handling of under listed items and HS Codes is different from other goods.


  • Automobile Glass HS Codes: 7007.10; 7007.21
  • Batteries HS Codes: 8506; 8507
  • Brake Fluids HS Codes: 2710.1932; 2710.1933; 3819; 3825.50
  • The Brake pads HS Codes: 6813; 8505.20; 8607.20; 8708.30; 8714
  • Cements HS Codes: 2523
  • Cigarettes HS Codes: 2401; 2402; 2403; 9613; 9614
  • Converters, Chargers HS Codes: 8504
  • Electrical cables HS Codes: 8544
  • Equally, Electrical fuses HS Codes: 8535; 8536; 8537; 8538; 8539
  • Electrical parts HS Codes: 7614; 7616.99; 9030.90
  • Again, Electrical Switches HS Codes: 7302.30; 8536.50; 8647.21
  • Fertilizer HS Codes: 3101, 3102, 3103, 3104
  • Gas Regulator HS Codes: 9032.89
  • Gypsum HS Codes: 2520
  • Heaters HS Codes: 8516, 8419.10
  • Helmets/ Safety Head-gears HS Codes: 6506
Others are:
  • Lightening Arrestors HS Codes: 8546.20
  • Lubricating Preparations HS Codes: 3403.19; 3403.99; 3811.29; 3811.90; 3811.19
  • Matches HS Codes: 3605
  • Paints HS Codes: 3208; 3209; 3210
  • Razor HS Codes: 3212
  • Safety belts HS Codes: 8708.20
  • Additionally, Safety Glasses HS Codes: 7007; 7008
  • Sanitary pads HS Codes: 9619
  • Solar panels HS Codes: 8419.19; 8541.40
  • Stabilizer HS Codes: 8521.1027.
  • Steel bars HS Codes: 7207; 7208; 7209; 7210; 7211; 7212; 7213; 7214; 7215; 7216; 7217; 7218; 7219; 7220; 7221; 7222; 7223; 7224; 7225; 7226; 7227; 7228
  • Similarly, Steel Roofing Sheets HS Codes: 7038.90
  • Storage Vessels HS Codes: 3606, 7311, 7613
  • Telephone HS Codes: 8517.10
  • Tyre HS Codes: 4011


SONCAP is processed after Form M is got. Form M is got after SON PC is obtained. The agencies authorized by SON to process SON PC and SONCAP do so at country of origin of commodities. Consequently, importers are encouraged to obtain Form M before shipping goods to Nigeria. Furthermore, Vagmon Integrated Services and its associates are here to help your importation. We take off the burden from documentation to shipping, clearing and local haulage to final destination. Why not contact us today and focus on other company matters.

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